2018 - College Information Night

Great information from College coaches to our players and parents

2018 - College Information Night

With the presence of TJ Buchholz, Women's Head Coach - University of Toledo, Bobby Renneisen, Women's Head Coach - Cal-State San Marcos, Grace Cooper, Women's Head Coach - Chaffey College, Darrin Lesley, Men's Head Coach - Cal State San Bernardino and Ben Cooper, Men's Head Coach - Chaffey College, IE Surf held its second College Information Night where players and parents received first-hand information from college coaches as to what it takes to get into college and more important, how to remain at that level, both in school and in sports.

Players and parents learned that "character and attitude" have a major part in the recruitment of a player.  "Player body language with the players and coaches of a team says a lot of a player and see if it will fit our team," said TJ. "talent and skills are not all that is needed to make it into our team".

Social Media is also something that teams look at.  Players were warned about their use of personal messages within their social media that could impact their college careers.

A big thank you to Ted Small for putting this great event and to the mentioned coaches for coming out and give our members great information to use as they move into college.